The Joel Paterson Trio Featuring Chris Foreman

Joel Paterson, guitar; Chris Foreman, organ; Alex Hall / Mike Schlick, drums.

Mill Sunday poster.jpg

The Joel Paterson Trio plays every Sunday night at the The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge in Uptown Chicago, behind the bar, from 11pm to 2am. This band features guitar, organ, and drums, and showcases the unique musical genius of Hammond B-3 organist Chris Foreman. Playing with this Chicago legend every week is a true honor, and trying to keep up with his harmonic twists-and-turns for the past few years has been an invigorating musical journey for me. Evoking the classic soul-jazz organ trios of the 1960s—and mixed with a heavy dose of blues and swing—we have created our own sound that suits the late-night crowd and vibe of this famous jazz club. We add a pinch Jimmy McGriff, Richard "Groove" Holmes, Jack McDuff, B.B. King, Freddie King, Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, and many more, to create our own Chicago soul stew every week for a steady crowd of industry folks, night owls, and tourists to the jazz mecca that is The Green Mill.

design by Joel Paterson

design by Joel Paterson